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Ritual was made in less than 72 hours as an entry into Ludum Dare 45

The game, programming, art, audio, and music was created by me during the jam period. 

The only aspect of my game not created by me was the font used.


You find yourself in the middle of a strange, mysterious forest. With nothing to your name, all you know is that you must summon a demon.

Explore the barren landscape in search of the ritual scroll and the objects required to summon a demon. Stay warm to survive the barren landscape long enough to summon a demon. Collect items, cut down trees, and interact with the environment to find tools and objects to aid in your survival. 


Movement: W A S D

Swing Axe: Left Mouse Button

Build Fire: Right Mouse Button (NOTE. requires items to build)

Interact: E

Magnetize Items: E (NOTE. requires items to be within certain range)

Open/Close Inventory:  Tab 


Open Chests to Collect Items

Stay Near Campfires to Stay Warm

Cut Down Trees to Collect Sticks

Build Fires 

Check Item Descriptions for Clues



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Made a video

Hey, this game looks cool! If you upload the code, I would be happy to export it to HTML5 for you :)

That would be awesome! Thank you. Here's the source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D27yGiat6-Bd2GFDneZSd5Ipu8pg-26M/view?usp=shari...




Awesome, thanks! My email is: unicornstudios.dev@gmail.com

fun game, i enjoyed it lol

This video is awesome! Glad you enjoyed :)

I appreciate the kind words! Loved the game!